About Us

Go Chia! is a superfoods brand driven to power healthy bodies and fuel vibrant lives.

We create delicious and nutritious grab-and go goodness that keeps your body invigorated and your spirit happy.

To us, chia isn’t just a seed; it’s a symbol – of the big potential often found in small packages. Our mission (and we invite you to join us) is to inspire others to achieve their goals and dreams by taking small, deliberate steps that lead to big, powerful changes.

We are a highly active brand, and a fun part of that for us is forming meaningful partnerships with like-minded friends and companies that share a similar vision to:

Shake up your life.
Shake up the planet.

Shake it, baby!


Meet the Team

cdavis_picChandra Davis

Searching for a nutritional edge while training for a marathon, Chandra Davis, 38, mother of two young boys, literally turned her kitchen into a lab.

Having scanned running books, surfing the web and tearing stories from women’s health magazines, one common denominator kept appearing: Chia seeds.

So, Chandra packed up her two young boys and headed to her local health food store in search of what appeared to be a superfood of sorts.

As legend goes, ancient Aztec and Mayan warriors used the seeds as fuel during daily 100 mile runs. If it worked for them, surely it would provide optimal energy, while also serving as a recovery aid for her, as the seeds are derived from the highest plant source with the perfect blend of Omega 3 and 6.

But what was Chandra supposed to do with her bag of super seeds?

She began pairing fruit juices and mixing in natural sweeteners. Nothing was off limits in her kitchen. Yes, she was taking those skills she used as a child in playing with her Easy Bake Oven to new heights.

Day by day she mixed batches of her new super drink. She had more energy going into training sessions and her knees felt better after, as if her joints were being buttered. Inflammation, aches and pains were fast becoming a thing of the past.

Her kids loved the taste of her super drink and further research showed the seeds actually served as a powerful “brain food” for the growing boys. In fact, the kids and her husband would wake each morning asking, “Where’s my Chia?”

Her brother, a foot and ankle surgeon, was in awe of her die-hard dedication, never-ending enthusiasm, ingenuity, heart and hustle.

The daily combining of the concoction, though,  was taking its toll.

“Let’s bottle it,” said Mark, her fitness trainer and co-owner of a performance facility in Central Florida.

Drink Chia was born.

Nutritious “brain food,” healthy energy, low in sugar and calories, kid taste tested, trainer endorsed, today Drink Chia, because of one super mom’s vision, is bottled right here in sunny Florida.

E-mail: cdavis@drinkchianow.com

portrait_mark-theisen_picMark Thesien

Mark has a passion for living an active lifestyle and loves doing anything on the water. You will find Mark buzzing around the office on his longboard on the phone to meeting with clients and vendors on any given day. As a partner in the B Meyer Training Center with his friend Bryan Meyer, who trains athletes like Dwight Howard, Mark is actively engaged with performance coaching, traveling abroad, and sharing his fitness knowledge with others.

“Drink Chia is not just for outdoor adventurers and fitness junkies, it is a convenient way for everyone to add a healthy hydration component to fuel their bodies!”

E-mail: mj@drinkchianow.com

img_dr-lewis_portraitDr. Gideon J. Lewis

Gideon is a board certified foot and ankle surgeon who specializes in sports medicine.  He routinely treats many professional athletes and his patient list include athletes from the NBA, MLB, NFL, PGA, X-Games, NCAA, as well as Olympic athletes.  In 2010, Gideon was the recipient of the “Rising Star Award” presented by the University of Central Florida College of Medicine, for his endless involvement in many Central Florida organizations.  Gideon is passionate about staying active and has a love for running in which he has participated in numerous 1/2 marathons.

“As a physician I understand the importance of nutrition and wellness. I look forward to promoting this healthy beverage with amazing nutritional benefits delivered in a fun and positive way.”

E-mail: glewis@drinkchianow.com

portrait_justingatlinJustin Gatlin
Chief Athletic Officer

Justin Gatlin is an American sprinter, Olympic gold medalist, and world champion runner. Justin won the gold medal for the 100m at the 2004 Athens Olympics, as well as two silvers and a bronze. He won the 100m bronze medal at the 2012 Olympics in London. His 100 m personal best is 9.79 seconds, and he is a two-time World indoor champion in the 60-meter dash.

  • 2001-2002 6 Time NCAA Champion,
  • 2003 Indoor World Champ 60 meter,
  • 2004 Olympic Gold, Silver, Bronze medalist.
  • 2005 double Gold World Champion.
  • 2006 world record holder 100 meter.
  • 2012 indoor world champ 60 meter.
  • 2012 Olympic Silver,Bronze medalist .
  • 2013 World Outdoor Silver medalist .
  • 2013 defeated Usain Bolt in Rome
  • 2013 Diamond League Champion.

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Ronni’s passion and zest for life is providing a healthy lifestyle for herself and her family. Married with three amazing children that keep her busy with sports and activities.  In her free time she enjoys being with her family and friends, working out, traveling, volunteering, and having fun in everything she does.  Ronni graduated of University of Central Florida with a business degree in Hospitality Management.

Email: ronni@drinkchianow.com



Jeff graduated from St. Andrews College with degrees in Visual Arts and Creative Writing. A jack of all trades, Jeff has gained 15 years of experience working for companies such as Nickelodeon, Disney Studios, Siemens, Harcourt, and Carley Corporation; working in graphics, print, interactive design, video, and web development. His interests include art design, history, technology, traveling, building LEGOs with his son, and being awesome.

Email: jmcdowall@drinkchianow.com