Ask Chia Doc: Diabetes Awareness Month and 5 Shocking Stats


Breast Cancer Awareness Month wrapped up a few weeks ago, and now we’re rolling through Diabetes Awareness Month.

Breast cancer is a horrific disease, but I’m always confused how a disease that affects 26 million Americans and kills more people than breast cancer and AIDS combined does not get as much attention.  So while preparing this blog I thought, what better way to leave an impression than to SHOCK you with these 5 Jaw-Dropping Stats:

  • Dr. Gideon holds an amputated foot17 seconds – That’s about the time you’ve spent on my blog so far. It’s also the frequency that someone in the world is diagnosed with diabetes.
  • 30 seconds – Still reading?  An amputation due to diabetes is performed somewhere in the world every 30 seconds.
  • 3 minutes – Assuming it has only taken you a few minutes to recover from my shocking but very real picture…and you’re still here…18 people have just died in the world due to diabetes.
  • 21 hours – That’s how long Senator Ted Cruz’s recent filibuster lasted.  It’s also the same amount of time that 3-thousand people died from diabetes.  That’s the same death toll  as from the 9/11 Attack.
  • 80% – Finally, the most impressive and important statistic.  Eighty percent of Type 2 Diabetes is preventable with lifestyle change.

As a physician and co-developer of Drink Chia!, my priority was not only to create a low sugar and nutritional beverage, but also to use Drink Chia! as a platform for promoting a healthy lifestyle.

With all the astounding statistics of this growing disease, I challenge each of you to take a few minutes to think about positive lifestyle changes you can make.

Write down your goals.  Read them every day.  And then encourage at least one person daily to do the same.

As all of us here at  Drink Chia! say, “Shake up your LIFE, shake up the PLANET, Just Shake it Baby!”

Chia Doc