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Dr. Gideon J. Lewis in surgeryWow, thanks for the great response to our new blog feature Ask Chia Doc!  We think our co-founder Dr. Gideon J. Lewis is pretty brilliant, so it really isn’t fair to keep him all to ourselves.  Ever wonder what he’s up to when he’s not shaking up the planet with Drink Chia?

Most days you’ll find him here, in the operating room or in his Florida medical practice, where he treats everyone from elite athletes to children.

Dr. Lewis’ own background as a collegiate athlete combined with his role as trusted advisor and physician to NBA players and Olympians provides a unique expertise in health and fitness, and we love sharing that knowledge with you.

Today’s question is from Steffani.  She asks:

If you had to choose one diet to recommend to friends to lose and maintain weight, which one would it be?

Dr. Gideon J. LewisGreat question, Steffani!  My basic rule of thumb is not to focus on a specific “diet,” but to become a label reader and really understand what you eat.  A great exercise is to keep a food diary for three days.  Write down everything you eat.  That will really help you understand your triggers and pitfalls.  Once you have a good grasp on what you’re eating, you can improve.  I suggest you focus on natural foods and avoid processed foods.  Eliminate added sugar and focus on vegetables, fruits and protein.

Let me know how this works for you!

Shake It Baby,

The Chia Doc


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