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Ask Chia DocWe’re so excited to bring you a new blog feature!  Haven’t you just been dying to get inside the head of our co-founder Dr. Gideon J. Lewis?  Now you can!  We’ll feature your questions to him weekly in our new “Ask Chia Doc” segment. So start sending us your health, fitness and medical questions!  Here’s a tip, he probably won’t dish on all the celebrity feet he’s treated, but you can try anyway.

This week’s question is from Pam:

I’ve never run before, but want to train for a 5k that’s at the end of November.  Do I have enough time?

Dr. Gideon J. Lewis

Hi Pam,

So happy to hear you’re thinking about running!  You do have time to prepare.  The key is to focus on the basics and keep it simple.  Visit a running specific store to be fit with proper shoes.  During training, make a hydration a priority and really commit to stretching before and after you train.

Part of training smart is following a program. I  like these from Runner’s World.

Most importantly, have fun!

Shake It Baby,

The Chia Doc


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