Chat with Chia Girl – How to Get a Great Workout with Your Kids


OK, moms, when do you find the time to exercise?  Scheduling that run or spin class is one of the biggest challenges for parents.  Between homework, sports practices and running the “mom shuttle” between activities, it seems those hours in the day tick away so quickly.

As you probably know, I’m a runner (remember, I developed Drink Chia while training for a marathon!).  Logging some miles each day makes me feel healthier, more sane and overall makes me a better mom.  A little, or a lot, of sweat is good for the soul!

Now that my sons are a little older (10 and 6), I’m finding we can work in some great family time while burning calories and boosting endorphins.  You know what else I’m finding?  Those little people are FAST!  And agile.  But did I mention fast?

Here is my Kid-Approved Workout Plan:

1.  Sprints:   Make it fun using landmarks, like driveways.  “Ok, everyone, let’s race to the fifth driveway down.”  We do three or four short races – or until I’m hunched over catching my breath!   those sprints definitely gets your heart get pumping!  I always lose.  Did I mention my kids are fast?

2.  Bike races:  Bike races are amazing to do with the little people, too!  We go about quarter of a mile.  This is the  one exercise where I could beat them.  But instead I give them a nice head start and then pedal my fastest to catch up. They truly get a thrill out of beating me at this too.  I get a kick out of seeing their big ‘ole grins!

3.  Trampoline time:  Jumping on a trampoline can burn 300-700 calories per hour and is very joint-friendly.  Start with 20 bounces, then take a little rest.  Jumping is hard work!  When you’re feeling more advanced, add in some jump-twist combos to work your abs.

4.  Tag:  Yes, a game of tag can be a major workout.  Have you chased children lately?  They zigzag.  And change directions swiftly and easily.  I live in Florida, and wildlife experts say if an alligator chases you, to run in a zigzag pattern.  So I’m working out and practicing for alligator encounters.

Do you workout with your kids?  Tell me about it!

Chia Girl