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Shake Up the Planet! North Carolina Woman Inspires Homeless Through Running Program

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You see it on our Drink Chia bottles and you hear us say it:  “Shake it baby!”  So what do we mean by that?

It’s two fold.  First, you really need shake that bottle of Drink Chia before you open it.  That’ll keep the seeds from settling in the bottle.

But “Shake it baby” means so much more than just jostling those little chia seeds.  We want you to shake up your life and shake up the planet.  Because, seriously, who wants to settle in life?

Be productive!  Be meaningful!  Make a difference!


So when we heard about RunningWorks, we just knew we had to reach out.  Talk about embodying the “Shake it baby” philosophy!

Have you heard of this wonderful organization?  It’s a non-profit dedicated to getting the homeless back on their feet.  Literally.

runningworks_photoRunningWorks founder Meredith Dolhare says the program using running to build confidence, self discipline and respect for both themselves and others.  The group meets twice a week and each run ends with roundtable discussion.

Most of the runners live in homeless shelters around the Charlotte, North Carolina area.  After attending four runs, the participants get to keep their running shoes and clothes.

That means the organization is constantly in need of donations.

RunningWorks ‏@running_works20h

@DrinkChia We are most in need of men’s shorts & larger-sized shoes (men’s) in 11.5-13.5 range. We are #grateful for anything! #shakeitbaby

Can you help?

Do you know of a group or individual Shaking Up the Planet?  We’d love to hear about it.  Email us at info@drinkchianow or Tweet us @drinkchia #shakeuptheplanet.

Shake It Baby,

Chia Girl