Chia Doc: Two-Time Disney Marathon Winner Trains with Drink Chia

Fredison Costa

Disney Marathon weekend is finally here!  I absolutely love Run Disney events.  Two years ago I joined more than 25-thousand runners in one of the largest marathons in the world.  Who knew that a bus ride to the starting line would lead to a great friendship?

My VIP weekend package meant a seat on the bus carrying some of the elite athletes to the race.  I struck up a conversation with the man next to me, asking if he had previously run Disney.

Through the help of a translator, he said, “Yes.  I won last year.”

That man was Brazilian runner Fredison Costa.

Two hours and nineteen minutes later, he crossed the finish line capturing his second Disney Marathon title.  Having already finished my leg of the Chip and Dale Marathon (you run one half, a partner runs the second half), I was relaxing in the tent.

Fredison recognized me from the bus ride, threw his arm around me and grabbed a Drink Chia from my hand.

We quickly became friends and I was thrilled when he began training with Drink Chia.  Before last year’s Disney Marathon he sat down with our friends at WKMG TV to discuss his race preparations.

Fredison placed second last year, behind fellow Brazilian Adriano Bastos.  We spoke with him about his training for this year’s marathon.

“I trained very hard this year.  I’ve done a lot of marathons and won some with nice times.  I am ready to win the Disney Marathon.  My season was very long, but thank God I’m not injured,” he said.

What advice does Fredison offer to new runners?

“Nutrition is the key to success, along with the rest and training,” he said.  “Chia is good for after training.  I love it!’

Fredison tells me he’s excited to be in Central Florida again and hopes to gain more sponsorship for his running career.

“I put all my energy into my job.  It is a pleasure to run outside my country.”

Good luck to Fredison and all the runners this weekend!

Until next time, Shake it, Baby!

Chia Doc