Chia Girl: Checking in with our Mompreneur Training for the Disney Princess Half Marathon

Disney's Princess Half MarathonT-minus three weeks until Disney Princess Half Marathon weekend! Among the tulle and tiaras winding through Epcot and Magic Kingdom will be our friend Yolonda Tyler.  We introduced you to Yolonda last month and continue tracking her journey to her first 13.1 miles.  As we previously told you, Yolonda ran short distances on her high school track team, and now enjoys longer runs to relax and stay in shape.

Today Yolonda talks with co-founder and our resident trainer Mark about her progress.

“I’m so excited!  It’s almost here!” said Yolonda.

Yolonda tells us her typical training involves running three-to-five miles on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.  She mixes it up with yoga on non-running days.  We’re not sure how hula hooping plays into her training, but doesn’t she look great doing it?

“Sunday is my long-run day.  I just did 12.6 miles for the first time.  It was grueling, but about halfway through the run it got better.”

After logging higher mileage, Yolonda says her knees definitely feel it!

Mark suggests adding swimming into her routine.

“Get off your feet,” he says.  “Stability training with bands would be helpful, too.  But bottom line, take pressure off those joints!”

Yolonda - mompreneuer, wife, runnerYolonda admits she’s always struggled staying on track, nutritionally.  She says her new juicer from Santa adds some variety to her diet.

“I’m trying a lot of different green smoothies!  I’m making extra effort now to read labels and avoid high fructose corn syrup.  But I still have weakness for anything with peanut butter,” she laughs.

Mark suggests sprinkling chia seeds into those smoothies or over salads to help relieve joint pain.  The  high omega-3 content of chia seeds offers strong anti-inflammatory benefits, helping ease stiff knees.

“My goal is to do the race is less than three hours.  Based on my training, I think I’ll be able to do that,” she tells us.

We’ll check back in with Yolonda next week. What advice do you have as as she closes in on her first half-marathon?

Chia Girl