Chia Girl: Disney Princess Half Marathon Weekend: Catching Up with First Time Runner Training with Drink Chia

It’s finally here!  The fairy dust is flying at Disney’s Magic Kingdom as Princess Half Marathon Weekend is underway.

Yolanda running shoes

We’ve loved tracking the progress of first-timer Yolonda Tyler.  You can read more about this awesome mompreneur here.  But just to get you up to speed (get it, a running pun!), Yolonda ran short distances in high school and college, and recently added longer runs into the mix.  She is a self-proclaimed Disney fanatic, so knew the Princess Half would be the perfect fit for her first long race.  (And as a side-note, she does reveal some of her Disney tips on Twitter, so feel free to follow her there.)

We caught up with her at Amaya Papaya this week.

DC:  When you close your eyes and picture the race, what do you see?

Yolonda:  I visualize lots of crying for myself! And aside from having a blast and rocking this race I am SO very proud of myself for training so hard and being consistent.  Running has changed my life. So much has happen in the last few years and i truly believe that running has kept me sane and kept me looking forward.

Yolanda TylerDC:  What excites you most when you think about Sunday morning?

Yolonda:  Running at Disney for me is a dream come true.  I know that sounds very cheesy, but being able to do something that not many people do in such a special place is so HUGE to me. I hope I can be an inspiration to many woman out there, especially black women and little black girls.

DC:  What’s your goal?

Yolonda: I think I can do it around three hours, but I’ve been told this isn’t a good race to time yourself, but I am determined!

During my runs this week I have seen myself running through the castle and in Magic Kingdom. I  keep telling myself to just enjoy every moment and get to the parks!

Good luck, Yolonda!  We can’t wait to hear your updates Sunday morning!

Chia Girl