Chia Girl: Fast Facts About the Fastest Man in America

Did you hear?  Olympic Gold Medalist Justin Gatlin is officially Team Drink Chia!  We really put our heads together to come up with an appropriate title for such an extraordinary athlete and person, so say hello to our Chief Athletic Officer (CAO)!  How perfect is that?

Justin joins us this week in California for a huge natural foods expo, Expo West.  Listen to this and see for yourself why he is our CAO!

 Here are some Fast Facts About the Fastest Man in America:

 Height: 6’1 1

Weight: 190lbs

 Event: 100 meter

Personal Best: 9.79 seconds

 Justin Gatlin, gold medalistCareer Highlights: 

  • 2001-2002 6 Time NCAA Champion,
  • 2003 Indoor World Champ 60 meter,
  • 2004 Olympic Gold, Silver, Bronze medalist.
  • 2005 double Gold World Champion.
  • 2006 world record holder 100 meter.
  • 2012 indoor world champ 60 meter.
  • 2012 Olympic Silver,Bronze medalist .
  • 2013 World Outdoor Silver medalist .
  • 2013 defeated Usain Bolt in Rome
  • 2013 Diamond League Champion.

 Most Unusual Career Highlight:

Guinness Book of World Record holder as the World’s Fastest Oldest Man.

 Favorite Workout Songs:

Anything by Metallica , Alice N Chains or Black Sabbath

Favorite Guilty Pleasure Food:

Any thing chocolate! Or key lime pie.

Favorite TV Shows: 

Walking Dead and Being Human

Best Part of Your Day: 

When I can finally sit/ lay down and have nothing else to do. And Xbox

Favorite Healthy Snack:

Protein bar and Drink Chia

Favorite City:

My hometown Pensacola,Florida

Favorite Animal:

Tiger, my spirit animal

Most Embarrassing Song on Your Playlist:

Billy Idol  White Wedding