Chia Girl Health Headlines: NYC Marathon, Kentucky Chia, Obesity and Early Onset of Puberty


What a week it’s been…I can hardly believe we are sliding head first into the holiday season, which means life is about to get a lot busier for all of us!

If you haven’t had time to catch up on the week’s health and fitness news, let me hit the highlights for you.

Here are three health stories worth reading:

1.  ING NYC Marathon

I just loved watching marathon highlights!  This year was inspiring in so many ways.  First, the famous race was cancelled last year because of Superstorm Sandy.  Sunday, more than  50-thousand runners (22 thousand of whom were signed up for last year’s marathon) raced through the city’s five boroughs, all sporting blue ribbons paying tribute to the Boston Marathon bombing victims.  A yellow Boston Marathon finish line was also painted by the traditional blue finish line.

Two Kenyan runners won the race.  Priscah Jeptoo took the women’s title with a time of 2 hours, 25 minutes and 7 seconds.  The men’s title went to Geoffrey Mutai.  He clocked in at 2:08:24.

Wanna know what that pace feels like?  Crank the treadmill to about 12 miles per hour.  And imagine doing that for more than two hours.  How long would you last?

Congrats to all the runners!  For complete results, click here.

2.  Kentucky Chia For Horses

This headline definitely caught my eye and I’ve been watching this developing story for a few months.  US Chia, formerly Kentucky Chia, is now selling chia seeds grown in the Bluegrass State to…you guessed it…horse trainers and breeders!

Chia Farm

The company was developed by a group of University of Louisville Students in 2011.   They were looking for another sustainable crop for the commonwealth’s farmers.  While most of the world’s chia is grown in tropical climates (our’s comes from a beautiful organic farm in South America, pictured right), these students devised a method using gamma rays that requires a shorter growing period.

I’m interested to follow this company’s progress and see how chia benefits these champion runners, thoroughbred horses.  Maybe this is a great excuse to buy a hat and head to the Kentucky Derby!  Who wants to go with me?  The first mint julep is on me!

3.  Obesity and Early Onset of Puberty

This really is such a hot topic of conversation and concern…the rate at which kids are reaching puberty.  A new study really is just one more reason to keep our kids healthy and active.  According to this new research out this week, obesity may be a contributing factor to this, especially when it comes to white girls.

“The obesity epidemic appears to be a prime driver in the decrease in age at onset of breast development in contemporary girls,”  said research led by Frank Biro at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital.

The research indicates that a high body mass index (BMI) is the strongest predictor of early breast development.

Early puberty has been linked to a variety of mental and physical ailments, including breast and ovarian cancer, high blood pressure and depression.

Did any health news catch your attention this week?  Tell us about it!

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