Chia Girl: Why Kids Should Run by Brendan “Danger” Cook

I am so excited about this week’s post!  You already know we love inspiring others to move more, get healthy and shake up their life!

My day often wraps up with a run or bike ride with my kids.  What better way to unwind than with family bonding and calorie burning?  If you haven’t incorporated your small people into your workouts, read my tips here.

And talk about inspiration, this week we hear from Brendan “Danger” Cook,  a rockin’ 10 year old who runs a seven minute mile.  That’s not a typo.  Seven.  Minute.  Mile.  We LOVE keeping up with his progress

Read more about his fitness goals and why he thinks all kids should lace up the running shoes!

Brendan Danger Cook I started running not really liking it.  But after sometime and work, it’s a lot more fun. The reason I like running it helps you do other sports and it’s a way to stay fit. The part I don’t like about running is getting cramps. I get side cramps if I run too long.

I am better sprinting short distances more than running long distances. I have not run a five 5k yet, but I am close. My goal is to do a 5k in 27 mins.  I hope to do one soon.

I’ve done a 3 mile, races and a 2 mile race. I’ve also done two of the 1-mile Disney races.

The 3 mile race was hard.  It was with my running club which is done out of the Track Shack, a place that sells really awesome running shoes in Orlando.  I run with a club they put together twice a week and at other events.  The 3 mile was hard because it was raining and it was just gross.  But I did pretty well.

The 2-mile race was out at UCF and it was a lot of fun.  I liked the course and it was close to home.

The Disney races where at the ESPN Sports Complex. I liked the courses and it was very organized.  I really liked the medals and that kids of all ages were running.  I want to try a Disney 5K next I think.

Brendan -Danger- CookRunning has also made me better at football.  I play a running-back position and I think my run club has helped me run faster in football.

I really wish we could run more in school.  Our school does not have a run program until junior high.  My cousins go to a school where they have a before-school run program.  I wish we had that.  I think running before school is a good idea and it will help other kids get in better shape.


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