Chia Girl Talks Dog Treats Making Pets Sick and Why To Feed Fido Chia

Don’t be jealous, but this face greets me at work almost every day.  OK, I know, you are just pea green with envy.  You can’t help it.

Dooley for Drink ChiaMeet Dooley.  He’s a silent partner at Drink Chia (unless he needs to go outside or sees a squirrel, then he isn’t all that silent).  This lovable Australian Labradoodle arrives at our Florida offices daily with his person, Mark, who also happens to be one of our co-founders.  I’m really not trying to rub it in further, but he doesn’t shed.  Dreamy.   And he really likes Mango Tangerine Drink Chia.

I love hanging with Dooley.  It’s quite a contrast to my three pets, none of whom wear fur.  We’re a fish household.  Molly, Sucker and Fin are a lot of fun for my sons, but really, what can compete with the enthusiasm and energy of a dog?

As dog lovers, we are so troubled about the continuing issues with jerky treats.  In case you haven’t heard, The FDA’s Center for Veterinary Medicine says more than 600 pets have died and more than 3,600 have become ill due to chicken, duck and sweet potato jerky treats made in China.

Here’s the really scary part.  The FDA isn’t sure of the source.  So while pets have been getting sick from contaminated treats since 2007, the FDA is now asking vets for help.  The agency is sending letters to animal hospitals, asking doctors to send in samples from patients possibly sickened by treats.

Does this make you reconsider what your furry friends eats for treats?  We like to stick with natural goodies like carrots and green beans.  And yes, Dooley enjoys the health benefits of chia.  We know, the irony of feeding chia to our pets.  Go ahead and get it over with (ch, ch chia).

Here’s why you should consider feeding Fido chia seeds:

1.  Many pure breeds suffer from allergies.  Chia seeds have natural anti-inflammatory and antibiotic properties which can help with skin allergies and itching.

2.  Dogs with tummy problems can benefit from a chia gel.  Just add ⅓ chia seeds to about two cups water.  After about 30 minutes a nice gel will form.  It can help get things moving and boost your picky pooch’s appetite.

3.  Sprinkle a few teaspoons over your dog’s dry food.  The omega-3 will help make his or her coat extra shiny and thick.  Hey, your dog likes good hair days, too!

4.  Some dog foods already contain chia seeds!  Just like it’s important to read your own food labels, do the same for your pets.

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Chia Girl