Chia Girl: Whole Chia Seeds Versus Ground Chia Seeds


I love introducing friends to Drink Chia!  Of course, those little magic chia seeds floating in the bottle always prompt a lot of interesting questions. Look how pretty the seeds are glistening in the sun?  Beautiful AND healthy…does it really get any better?  Thanks for our friend ultra runner Nathan Maxwell for sharing this gorgeous photo!

Drink Chia Infused Whole Chia SeedsEarlier this week I pulled a Drink Chia from my bag while chatting with a friend.  She closely examined the bottle, and said, “I thought you had to grind chia seeds for health benefits.”  After talking with some more friends, I realized this a common misconception.

Flax seeds do require grinding to get the most bang for your health buck.  But when it comes to chia seeds, the good news is you can enjoy them ground or whole.

We opted for whole chia seeds in Drink Chia.  Seeds absorb 9-10 times their weight in water, making it a superstar of hydration.  This element is key since so our beverage caters to a healthy, active lifestyle (translation:  lots of sweat).

Research on chia seeds and weight loss is limited.  But, some studies suggest that because the whole seeds expand in your stomach, therefore making you feel fuller, weight loss can result.  Some of our friends and customers swear they drop a few pounds after regularly enjoying Drink Chia.

If you prefer ground seeds, don’t worry, research tells us you’ll still get all the omega-3 health benefits, as well as the fiber benefits.

Tell us, what is your favorite way to enjoy chia seeds.  I think you already know mine!

Chia Girl