Chia Seeds And The Importance of ALA Omega-3 On Smoking Cessation

By Lily McCann

Chia seedsWe all know the benefits of including Omega 3 oils into our diet, as the body cannot produce them on its own, thus we need to either find them from a food source or by taking a good quality supplement. They are essential for good daily health as well as the function of our brain and our nervous system too. In cases were there is poor health because of illness or maybe because a person has stopped smoking and therefore needs to boost their immunity and improve how they feel too, these oils can also be incredibly beneficial. One of the best ways of getting them into the system is to try and incorporate Chia seeds into the diet.

Study into Omega 3 oils and smoking

When someone smokes for a long period of time, they put almost all their internal organs, not to mention their skin, under pressure and strain which can have devastating consequences. We all know of the life limiting illnesses like cancers, heart disease and diabetes that can be caused by a long term habit such as this.

Earlier this year, a fascinating study undertaken in Greece, showed that incorporating Omega 3 oils into the diet can really help in the battle to quit smoking.

The story, which was reported here in Science Daily suggests that taking two grams per day of Omega 3 oil in supplement form, significantly reduced the effects of arterial stiffness among the test group who took it. There was also some improvement of vascular conditions brought on by long term tobacco inhalation, too. These oils actually help protect and reduce the inflammation within the organs that occurs from regular smoking, or indeed the effects of passive smoking.

Using Omega 3 and 6 as a smoking cessation aid

Chia plants hold chia seeds, an amazing whole food.If you’ve taken the brave decision to stop, instead of merely buying a coupon to stop smoking or relying on drugs to quit nicotine or some other type of smoking cessation aid the best thing to do is to look at ways of improving the diet and incorporating healthy food and supplements into your eating regime.

A spokeswoman for the World Health Federation who was commenting on the results of the Greek study mentioned above, said that “The World Health Federation strongly urges all smokers to quit. The only way to protect your body from the harmful effects of tobacco is to stop smoking. We encourage all people, both smokers and non smokers, to eat healthy diets, which include foods rich in omega 3 fatty acids”. A combination of all these elements will continue to ensure you make a speedier and healthier recovery that makes sure your mind and body bounce back quicker than ever.

How Chia seeds can help pre and post quitting

Incorporating something like Chia into the diet will help with this battle in numerous ways. Think about it as a total health booster. These little powerhouses can be either eaten or consumed as part of a drink. If you do want to try them as a drink then you can take a look at Drink Chia Now, for a range of delicious beverages that incorporate all the goodness of the seeds into an easy to digest form. However, if you’d like to try and find a way of putting them into your food then they can be added into all manner of dishes and meals to boost them.

Think about the following:

  • They can be added to soups and stews as a natural way to thicken them and enhance their flavor.
  • The seeds can be added to salad dressings for extra crunch and taste.
  • Try blending them into a fruit smoothie, to thicken and add texture.
  • An interesting take on an omelette can be made by beating a tablespoon of the seeds into eggs before cooking.
  • Stir fry them with other Chinese greens or vegetables for crunch and texture instead of using sesame seeds.
  • The seeds can be turned into a delicious pudding by adding them to whole milk, soy milk or goat’s milk, perhaps with a little added agave nectar or stevia and baked in the oven until creamy and delicious.
  • Mix some of the seeds into fruit and yogurt for a simple dessert.

Giving these ideas a try will not only mean that you’re actively increasing the other amounts of health foods you’re eating, but that you’re actually upping your Omega 3 intake without actually realising it. If you’re trying to quit smoking and improve your overall health and diet, then trying Chia could give you the gateway to a good life once more.