Drink Chia! at Walt Disney World’s Marathon Weekend

Drink Chia!, the chia seeds beverage, at Disney Marathon Weekend 15As many people know I treat many runners including those at the elite and Olympic level and I have a passion for running. This combination provided me with a rewarding time at this past Disney Marathon Weekend. I was fortunate and privileged to be given VIP status for the entire weekend, which allowed me to interact with many celebrities and elite runners. In addition, I also participated in ½ Marathon on Saturday and another ½ Marathon on Sunday as part of the Inaugural Marathon Relay. My ½ marathon goal was to break 1:45 however I missed it by 30 seconds but overall I was very pleased with my performance.

Drink Chia! and Marathon Experts

Following the race on Saturday I attended the Marathon Speaker Showcase which featured an expert panel consisting of some of the great running coaches. It was great talking to each one of them and getting their insights on running tips. I would encourage every runner to read their books they have authored or the articles they have written in major running magazines.

Susan Paul (www.trackshack.com/training/coaches.shtml)

Jenny Hadfield (www.jennyhadfield.com)

Hal Higdon (www.halhigdon.com)

Jeff Galloway (www.jeffgalloway.com)

Kevin Hanson (www.hansons-running.com)

Creigh Kelley (www.bkbltd.com)

Dr. Gideon Lewis with Creigh Kelley at the Disney Marathon Weekend Dr. Gideon Lewis with Jenny Hadfield at the Disney Marathon Weekend

Even the Marathon Champion drinks Drink Chia!

On Sunday I took part in the Inaugural Marathon Relay. This was probably my most exciting experience because I was actually on the bus with the elite runners prior to the race. I was able to witness their pre-race “rituals”. The mental and physical preparation by these runners was incredible for these super-athletes. I was amazed on how calm they were before the marathon. It was also very cool knowing that one of these runners could potentially be the 1st to cross the finish line. In fact, the elite runner (Fredison Costa) who I was privileged to chat with beforehand won the marathon making him the overall champion for the 2nd year in a row.

Dr. Gideon Lewis with Fredison Costa at Disney the Marathon Weekend Dr. Gideon Lewis with Fredison Costa at Disney the Marathon Weekend

Thanks from Drink Chia!

I would like to congratulate Track Shack and Betsey & Jon Hughes (Race Director) for putting on a fabulous race.

Thanks to my Team Chia running partner, Stacy Garner, on a great racing performance.

Thanks to my weekend running support team: Marianne, Krystal, Amanda (Congrats Krystal on a achieving a new PR)

Thanks to my running coach, mentor, and good friend, Mylene Dally. She killed the race with a 3:20 marathon time.

Thanks to Susan Paul for the great weekend and all you do for so many runners, including me!

Dr. Gideon Lewis with Jon Hughes at the Disney Marathon WeekendLastly congratulations to all the runners who participated in the race events. You should be proud of your accomplishment.

As a partner in Drink Chia! I take pride in promoting health and wellness. I strive to be an example by participating in races and other active events. Drink Chia! loves promoting an active lifestyle and WE want to be with you during your endeavors……

Now go Shake up Your Life, Shake up the Planet…..Just Shake it Baby!!!