Drink Chia! August 2012 Focus: The Importance of Hydration

We’re shakin’ it all over the news! The summer months have been soooo hot all over the county and keeping hydrated is key.  So this month’s focus is on HYDRATION…

We were very excited to see Drink Chia featured in NYC “go-to” health website!  Check it out….

Well + Good NYC “We asked two of New York’s top personal trainers—Will Torres, owner of Willspace, and Joel Harper, celebrity trainer to clients like Dr.Oz—for their tips on how to give your hydration levels a boost for those 95-degree-days.

Get out your water bottle. Here’s what they had to say..”. —Lisa Elaine Held

6 tips on how to hydrate better | Well+Good NYC

Did you know ? Dehydration can cause the following:
  • Fatigue
  • Muscle Weakness
  • Poor Concentration
  • Headaches
  • Dizziness
  • Decreased Metabolism

Nautica.com also featured Drink Chia as a great hydration source!
“People also eat when they are really thirsty, this can lead to overeating. 85% of all headaches are from dehydration, and in a perfectly working body, the only thing that doesn’t work perfectly is your sense of thirst. I hear all the time “I don’t like water”.  Is this you?  No worries. Below are my top 10 favorite beverages referenced alphabetically. Beside each item, I tell you why and when I like to drink them best. Give these a try and let me know what you think!”

Why are Chia Seeds so Amazing for Hydration?

Chia Seeds love water!  Chia is an excellent food that helps to improve hydration at all tissue levels. When exposed to water a bead of gel forms. This has the consistancy of a gelatin sack, and is difficult to remove from the seed’s outer surface. It’s held there by the unique micro-fibers on the seed’s outer shell. This liquid is only removed slowly by the digestive system, so it keeps the intestines hydrated while releasing electrolytes and nutrients.

Post-Massage Recovery: Hydration is the Key

Drink Chia Blog: Post-Massage Recovery: Hydration is KeyFor those of us who live an active lifestyle, winding down for a relaxing, detoxifying massage can be one of the best ways to keep your mind and body in check. However, forgetting to stay hydrated can leave you feeling not-so-great the next day. Massage therapist Vanessa Ratzlaff of Parlour Salon and Spa in Orlando, Florida, explains:“Massage manipulates the deep layers of muscle and connective tissue. While treatment can be beneficial by increasing circulation, removing waste, and reducing stress, it can also lead to dehydration. When you manipulate the muscle, you are depleting it of water stored in the tissue. ”Read more here!

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As always, Shake up your Life, Shake up the Planet, and Shake it Baby!

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