Drink Chia! Spring Newsletter

 Hey Drink Chia enthusiasts! We’re shakin’ it with New Balance!  Brighton Cafe, the watering hole of choice for the creative minds at New Balance, is now carrying Drink Chia!  We want to be the go-to drink to keep their bodies hydrated and their brains on point.  Who knows what genius ideas may come with a little boost of Drink Chia! Continue to follow us as we shake it!- Team Drink Chia!Like Spring News from Drink Chia! on Facebook

Dr. Oz Event - Drink Chia!Dr. Oz Event - Drink Chia!

Dr. Oz Event!

We had such an amazing time at the recent Dr. Oz event!  Take a look at our picture gallery from the event by clicking here!

Drink Chia in The Fresh Market

 The Fresh Market


The Fresh Market carries all four fabulous flavors of Drink Chia: B Meyer Lemon, Strawberry Citrus, Mango Tangerine, and Honeysuckle Pear!  You can order online here, or visit your local store!

New Tampa Distribution Locations!

Tampa Bay

Take a look at all of the new locations in the Tampa Bay area where you can now find Drink Chia!

Chucks Natural Marketplace (Tampa and Temple Terrace)

Earth’s Origins (Stickney Point, Beneva, St. Pete)

Nutrition Smart (Tampa and Wesley Chapel)

Southers Natural Food

Village Health Market

Perfect Balance Organics

Nature’s Food Patch

Vitamin Seas



Abby’s Health

A to Zinc

Rollins Oats

Celebrity Trainer Secrets!

I met Joel Harper at the ING Marathon earlier this year.  After our initial conversation, I knew we’d be friends.His celebrity trainer clientele is incredibly impressive and includes household names like Dr. Oz.  His status gives him every right to have a tremendous ego but instead he is nothing but gracious and kind.He put me through an intense workout when I was in New York City not too long ago and if you are every in NYC book a work out with Joel.  He kicked my butt!So without further ado – we are thrilled he provided content for our blog.  He has a great set of videos that are ideal for travel.- Chandra


from Joel Harper-NYC Celebrity Trainer and trainer to Dr. Oz.


I’ve had the incredible fortune to train some of the greatest celebrities and most successful people around. Here are 10 simple tips that I use with my clients and that you can incorporate into your life too:

1 –  After EVERY exercise ALWAYS stretch. This is how you get long lean muscles and remain tension free.

2 –  There is always something new to learn. Make sure you keep it fresh, so you never get bored. Don’t fall into your own trap.

3 –  Get 7-8 hours of sleep. NO EXCUSES. This is crucial to enhance your glow from the inside and out.

4 –  Make sure you eat your daily amount of protein.  Average daily protein needs (grams per day) = Your body weight (lbs)/2.2 x 1.5.

5 – Listen to your inner dialogue. What is going on in your head? Take responsibility for your thoughts. If you don’t like them, CHANGE them.

6 –  Your body is a choice YOU make. You  are what you eat and how you exercise.

7-  WATER!! Make sure you take your body weight, cut it in half and that is how many ounces to drink throughout the day. If you worked out for an hour, that is an additional 10 ounces of water to consume.

8 –  If you are not hungry, DON’T eat. Be mindful to nourish your body only when your body is telling you to eat. Don’t just eat out of boredom or stress. Stay in tune with you.

9 –  Don’t wear anything that you don’t look incredible in. Period. Even if it costs $500. Donate it!

10 – Hang around happy people. Dump negative influences and connect with proactive people that care. You are the average of your 5 best friends.

Now jump in and maximize your potential! Try this workout to get red carpet ready arms free from Oprah: Video Link

Recent Reviews!

We recently received two really great reviews in support of Drink Chia!  Take a look below!

Sky Yoga Studio


Sky Yoga Studio reviewed both Drink Chia! as well as Carol Cottrill’s latest book, The French Twist.

“Admittedly I was a little nervous because I have seen other Chia drinks at the health store that look, to put it blatantly, like mucous.  Drink Chia is not that type of drink.  I have reviewed Chia products in the past and found them less palatable, I’m not a fan of the taste of Chia but Drink Chia has no Chia flavor since you don’t have to chew the seeds, they simply slide down with the sugarless liquid – a double bonus!”

Read the entire article here!

Providence Journal

Health and Fitness Blog


Pamela Reinsel Cotter of Providence Journal’s Health and Fitness Blog recently reviewed Drink Chia!  Read on to see what she had to say about it.

“I got a sample of Drink Chia, an all-natural chia seed superfood drink with only 40 calories and 4 grams of sugar per 8-ounce bottle. It’s loade dwith omega-3 fatty acids, antioxidants and B-complex vitamins.Designed for those who live an active lifestyle, the Chia seedsin the mix help produce hydration, endurance and recovery, heart health, and mental focus. It’s just 40 calories and the taste is sweet and refreshing.”

Read the entire article here!

Super Food: Chia Seeds

A recent Men’s Fitness article explained what is so amazingly healthy about these tiny little seeds and why they truly are a ‘super food’!

Aztecs, Incans and Mayans often used it for its medicinal force and as a major source of energy. The word “chia” meant “strength” to the Mayans, and messengers would often carry a pouch of the tiny brown and black seeds along with them on extended journeys. Today, when most people hear the word chia, the first thing that comes to mind are the tabletop, potted plants in the likeness of a dog, Homer Simpson and even President Barack Obama, but the little seeds sprout more than pretty flowers.Smaller than—and often compared to—the flax seed, chia is filled with two times more protein than most grains, five times more calcium than milk and one of the highest levels of omega 3 and 6 fatty acids. Let’s not forget it’s full of soluble fiber, potassium and antioxidants.”

Read the whole article by clicking here!