Get to Know the Drink Chia Founders: 8 Things About Mark

This week we’re taking you inside the brain of co-founder Mark!   If you follow Drink Chia on Instagram, you’ve no doubt seen some of his surfing and fitness adventures, but here are 8 things you may not know:

Drink Chia co-founder Mark TheisenTake us through a typical day.

6am wake up, quick glance at emails from overnight, then on to making breakfast for my daughter while my wife gets ready to go around 6:15.  Usually throw some Boarshead tavern ham in the frying pan, scramble some eggs, cut some fresh fruit, butter some toast….eat breakfast with my daughter Kori and wife Jill,  and then start cleaning up the aftermath of my favorite meal of the day.

After things are cleaned up, I normally make Kor’s lunch, re-organize her books, folders and other work from the night before and pack up her bag.  I put Jill’s coffee in the car, and they are out of the house by 7:20 ish heading off to school.  Then I normally do a ten or fifteen minute garage workout, hit the shower and presto!

After that, I log onto the computer to keep track of inventory, forecast production runs, look at sales turns, and cash flow.  I also do accounts payable and accounts receivable work, mixed in with phone calls to Chan, glancing over new product branding and fulfilling orders.

It’s really about trying to stay on top of all the Drink Chia stuff,  as well catch up with Bryan about B Meyer Training.

Around 6:30, it’s family dinner time..  After eating, we clean up and organize, then I grab another ten minute workout and shower.  I usually do more work until around 9, then enjoy a  little down time from about 9:30 until 10:00…then out for the night.

How is running Drink Chia different from how you imagined it?

I never imagined it.  I just did it.  If anything has been different than my expectation it would be in regards to the time it takes to build the business.  I think we set aggressive goals and it has taken longer than expected to learn the business and develop relationships with key persons.

And having business experience in a totally different sector from consumer packaged goods, I could never have known how capital intensive it would be to grow the business.  We were fired up on passion and enthusiasm, and we didn’t realize it would cost as much as it does.

What one tip do you have for budding entrepreneurs?

Find some genuine enjoyment in what you do, surround yourself with fantastic humans that share similar work ethics, values, world view, and go for it.  Figure it out!

What is your favorite health/fitness trend right now?

I’m not really into trendy fitness diets or workouts.  I’m good with bodyweight workouts, like hanging from a tree, doing mountain climbers in my garage, or going for a swim in my lake.

What is your guilty pleasure?

Guilty pleasure????? What do you mean?  My brain goes all over for this one 😉

What is the last book you read?

I really don’t sit still long enough to read a book.  I read through the Environmental News Network online, check out Surfline, and breeze through CNBC online as well.  The last book I read though was “Things I Want My Daughters to Know” by Alexandra Stoddard, which reminds me i should pick it up again and freshen up.

Who has been the biggest influence in your life?

My parents have influenced me the most.  My entrepreneurial spirit comes from my father and my mom is always a cheerleader for an idea or concept that I pursue.

If you could be doing anything in the world right now, what would it be?

Selfishly, it would be surfing a four foot glassy peak anywhere in the world with the sun blazing in clear, warm water!