Ironman Rockstar, The Sally Edwards We Now Know: Part One

Sally Edwards“Leading the march to get America fit one person at a time…”

Sally Edwards, MA, MBA is one of America ‘s leading experts in business, exercise science, and lifestyle living. She created the Heart Zones Training proprietary and branded training system. She has completed over 150 races including more than 75 Danskin Triathlons and 16 Ironman Triathlons. She is a former holder of the master’s world record in the Ironman, and the national spokesperson for the Danskin series of women-only sprint triathlons. Her background in multi-sport competition is extensive. She has won the Western States 100 Mile Endurance Run, the 100 mile Iditashoe Snowshoe Race, Race Across America Relay division, and numerous marathons. She has also participated in adventure races around the world. In 1999, Sally Edwards was selected to be a member of the Triathlon Hall of Fame.

What we now also know about her?

The 16-time Ironman finisher has a heart of gold, and can cook a great meal (albeit only a couple times a year 😉 )! Again, we are constantly surprised with the incredible people we have met in such a short time-frame.

We met Sally 6 months ago in Orlando at a book signing event at the Track Shack running store. Lucky for us, she loves Drink Chia and was very encouraging of our endeavor.

Last week, we caught up with Sally at her home in Sacramento.  We shared a fantastic dinner and great conversation about business, work ethic,the  hustle, sports , and perseverance.

Her accomplishments are incredible and you will find stories and stories when you google, her, but we were most impressed with who she is as a person.

Drink Chia co-founder Mark Theisen:

Warm, energetic, compassionate, and competitive are words I would use to describe her.  Warm meaning, she invited us almost strangers  to stay at her home.  That is something that Chan and I always recognize as unique and someone that fits with our personality as well.  Her energy speaks through her smile. When talking about business, her dogs, exercise, and even making fresh squeezed orange juice, she carries confident posture and a great aura.

And competitive, oh yea.  During a fun brainstorming session, she heckled me about a push up contest.  Egging me on… “How many can you do, Mark?”. I almost fell for it. I could probably knock out 50….but I held back.

Sally launched a new app recently: Upbeat Workouts.  Friday morning, Sally suggested we join her for a run to try it out.  It is a great idea. The app matches the beat of your cadence to the same beat of music.  I like to keep my “runs” if I may call them to less than 3 miles!  Well, she hooked me up to her I- touch, told me to find a rhythm with the cadence, and to run!  “Where” I asked?  “To the bridge and back” Sally said. … Ok, I took off like a kid listening to their coach.  Five minutes in, I was like  “I don’t see the bridge.” After 20 minutes I made it to the bridge doing 4,3,2 minute intervals.  I was winded and could feel the bum ankle swelling a bit.I turned around, headed back, and found Sally and Chandra and joined them.  She tweaked the Upbeat workout on my I- Touch a few times so I could experience different workouts that Coach Sally talked me through in my Upbeat workout program.

A five mile run that was enjoyable for me is rare!  It really different and cool.  You feel the rhythm and forget about the boredom because you have some instruction, good tunes, and of course the encouragement of Sally.

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