Ironman Rockstar, The Sally Edwards We Now Know: Part Two

Continuing from Part One, last week we visited Sally Edwards at her home in Sacramento.
Sally Edwards

Drink Chia co-founder, Chandra Davis:
I have to say I was a bit nervous to go for a run with such an athletic rock-star.  Sally hooked my i-phone up with her Upbeat Workout and we headed out for a 60 minute run on a trail along a river in Sacramento.  I don’t usually run with music so I was really curious to see how I would like this.  I have to say, Sally was great to run with. We chatted a few times along the way but she purposely didn’t leave me in the dust.  Every 5 minutes during the run, a coach on the Upbeat Workout program would give a helpful tip.

Overall, the time did go by much faster, having music that matched my gait was great and the coaching tips were very helpful along the way.

I would definitely recommend the app Upbeat Workout and can see myself using it again.

Sally, we can’t wait for the next time we can hang out with you!

Sally Edwards and Mike Theisen

Sally Edwards, MA, MBA is one of America ‘s leading experts in business, exercise science, and lifestyle living. She created the Heart Zones Training proprietary and branded training system. She has completed over 150 races including more than 75 Danskin Triathlons and 16 Ironman Triathlons. She is a former holder of the master’s world record in the Ironman, and the national spokesperson for the Danskin series of women-only sprint triathlons. Her background in multi-sport competition is extensive. She has won the Western States 100 Mile Endurance Run, the 100 mile Iditashoe Snowshoe Race, Race Across America Relay division, and numerous marathons. She has also participated in adventure races around the world. In 1999, Sally Edwards was selected to be a member of the Triathlon Hall of Fame.
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