Joel Harper, NYC Celebrity Trainer shares Ten Celebrity Trainer Secrets with Drink Chia!

Joel Harper, Celebrity Trainer photoI met Joel Harper at the ING Marathon earlier this year.  After our initial conversation, I knew we’d be friends.

His celebrity trainer clientele is incredibly impressive and includes household names like Dr. Oz.  His status gives him every right to have a tremendous ego but instead he is nothing but gracious and kind.

He put me through an intense workout when I was in New York City not too long ago and if you are every in NYC book a work out with Joel.  He kicked my butt!

So without further ado- we are thrilled he provided content for our blog.  He has a great set of videos that are ideal for travel.

Check out his site


from Joel Harper-NYC Celebrity Trainer and trainer to Dr. Oz.

I’ve had the incredible fortune to train some of the greatest celebrities and most successful people around. Here are 10 simple tips that I use with my clients and that you can incorporate into your life too:

1 –  After EVERY exercise ALWAYS stretch. This is how you get long lean muscles and remain tension free.

2 –  There is always something new to learn. Make sure you keep it fresh, so you never get bored. Don’t fall into your own trap.

3 –  Get 7-8 hours of sleep. NO EXCUSES. This is crucial to enhance your glow from the inside and out.

4 –  Make sure you eat your daily amount of protein.  Average daily protein needs (grams per day) = Your body weight (lbs)/2.2 x 1.5.

5 –  Listen to your inner dialogue. What is going on in your head? Take responsibility for your thoughts. If you don’t like them, CHANGE them.

6 –  Your body is a choice YOU make. You  are what you eat and how you exercise.

7 –  WATER!! Make sure you take your body weight, cut it in half and that is how many ounces to drink throughout the day. If you worked out for an hour, that is an additional 10 ounces of water to consume.

8 –  If you are not hungry, DON’T eat. Be mindful to nourish your body only when your body is telling you to eat. Don’t just eat out of boredom or stress. Stay in tune with you.

9 –  Don’t wear anything that you don’t look incredible in. Period. Even if it costs $500. Donate it!

10 –  Hang around happy people. Dump negative influences and connect with proactive people that care. You are the average of your 5 best friends.

Now jump in and maximize your potential! Try this workout to get red carpet ready arms free from Oprah:

Joel Harpers Fit Pack Total video