How Omega-3 Makes Your Insides Healthier and Your Outside Prettier

Thanks for stopping by, and thank you for all the great questions!  You guys are keeping us busy and we love it.  This week we hear from Stacey P. in  Minneapolis.  She asks:

“I see Drink Chia! boasts about the high omega-3 content,  but why do I need omega-3?”

Hi Stacey,

You’re right, we do boast about the omega-3 content in Drink Chia.  In fact, I’ll take this moment to brag a little more.  Each Drink Chia bottle rocks 1100 mg of omega-3.   No other plant source contains as much omega-3 as chia seeds.

You’ve probably noticed a lot of recent news stories about the benefits of omega-3.  New research indicates it may help allergies  and even reduce the symptoms of ADHD.

Omega-3 is such a big deal in the health world that both fish farms and chia crops are on the rise worldwide!  

Dr. Gideon Lewis in Norway

I really noticed the abundance of those fish farms earlier this year on my third trip to Norway.  What a beautiful place!   It is one of my favorite places on earth and definitely one for the must-see list if you haven’t been.  I spent a great 10 days catching up with some childhood friends.  Seriously, look at the view behind my friend Monica and me!

Dr. Gideon Lewis in NorwayAnd yes, I just had to snap a few pictures of my small tour guide, Teo, posing with Drink Chia.  I just can’t help myself.

You may already know that Norway is famous for its salmon, which is the highest fish source of omega-3.  It was amazing to see all of this first hand while visiting Floro, a beautiful fishing city.  I even cast a few lines of my own while fishing off the fjords.  

Dr. Gideon Lewis in NorwaySee, I don’t spend all of my time in the the OR… or running through the mountains…just most of it.

Here are the highlights as to why you really do need omega-3:

1.  It’s an essential fatty acid.  That means you have to get it from food, like salmon and chia seeds.

2.  It reduces inflammation and triglycerides (fat in your blood).   Omega-3 can also boost HDL (that’s the good cholesterol)l.  Remember, the body can only tolerate a certain amount of medication, that’s why a diet rich in omega-3 is so important.

3.  Chia seeds have 8-9 times as much omega-3 as salmon.

4.  The American Heart Association recommends 7 ounces of fatty fish (200 grams of omega-3 weekly).  You can get that with just two bottles of Drink Chia!

5. As if those reasons aren’t enough, let me appeal to your vanity for a moment.  Omega-3 can reduce wrinkles by helping plump our third layer of skin, which thins out as we get older.

What do you think, Stacey?  Are you ready to crack open a Drink Chia yet?  Let us know!

Shake it, Baby,

The Chia Doc


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