Our Chia Seed Drink Wins Clean Eating Magazine’s Clean Choice Award

We are thrilled to share that our chia seed drink, Drink Chia!, has been named the “New Sports Drink” in Clean Eating Magazine’s 2013 Clean Choice Awards. Every year, a panel of judges consisting of the magazine’s editors assess a varied selection of products to provide Clean Eating readers with the best-tasting healthy food options.

Clean Choice Award - Drink Chia, Chia seed drink“At just 40 calories [50 in our new 10 oz. bottle] per bottle and packaged with a hefty dose of omega-3s and antioxidants, Drink Chia is a great substitute for caffeine when a surge of crash-free energy and endurance is needed. Bonus: These bottles keep you full for hours.” – Clean Eating Magazine

The product categories featured in the Clean Choice Awards include: breakfast picks, pantry staples, drinks, spices, supplements, super time-savers, dairy and dairy-free alternatives, household goods, snacks, sauces and condiments, baking, best butters, sweeteners, and pets. Each product is rated based on taste, texture, ingredients, convenience factor and environmental friendliness. Those products with the highest scores in each category receive the award.

Within the chia seed drink category, Drink Chia! has the lowest calories (50), fat (2g), sugar (5g), and total carbs (9g) per serving (10oz). Drink Chia comes in 4 delicious flavors – Strawberry Citrus, Honeysuckle Pear, Mango Tangerine, and Blueberry Lemon. It is packaged in highly portable, recycled PET plastic bottles – so it’s convenient to take to the gym, the beach, or wherever life takes you!

This is not the first time our chia seed drink has been recognized by Clean Eating Magazine. Drink Chia! was featured in the November/December issue as a superfood-fueled top pick. The April/May issue of Clean Eating Magazine is on newsstands now, so go pick one up and turn to page 65 to see why our chia seed drink was chosen as the new sports drink for those who want to live a clean eating lifestyle.