Chia Drink Mixes



No matter where life takes you, Chia Drink Mixes pus the power of chia nutrients right at your fingertips. Stash them in your desk, take them on a plane, tuck them in your backpack. When you need to revive and reinvigorate — just tear a Chia Drink Mix add it to water, juice, smoothies, or yogurt, and: wham! … you have delicious, all natural, chia-packed super fuel at the ready.

100% Pure Chia Seeds Booster provides you with the portable nutrient super charge of chia seeds Boost the nutrition of your salads, yogurt, oatmeal or whatever you feel.

Lemonade + Super Greens Chia Drink Mix

Cherry Berry + Vitamin C Chia Drink MIx
100% Chia Seeds Booster

Lemonade + Super Greens


Cherry Berry + Vitamin C