“Truckdriver, Cheerleader, and Mother” by Nathalie Glenn, mother of surfing champion and Friend of Drink Chia!, Daniel Glenn

Hi, I have to confess we were avid chia consumers before we met Mark with Drink Chia!

Daniel Glenn, Friend of Drink Chia. Picture by John Salanoa and SurferToday.comEach summer we make the trek to California for the US Championships, NSSA Nationals, Quicksilver King of the Groms and the Rip Curl Grom Search.  Just like last year we decided to make the 2,490 mile car drive from New Smyrna Beach, Florida to San Clemente, California.  Our previous year voyage was done in a personal record time of 41hrs.

With a car load of snacks, our little group of surfers took to the Highway.  It is so difficult to find healthy spots along the highways so the day before we left I got as many groceries as I could for the drive.  Keeping these kids fueled up with decent food is so difficult when traveling.

I find myself putting a lot of time into where we are eating, when, and what it is so much more than when we are home.  It is so worth it though. I can’t imagine them eating fast food and low quality meals.  It is something that concerns me as their careers grow.  I hope that I have instilled in them the healthy eating habits we practice!

We made it in 39hrs, personal recorded broken!

We planned to be out in California for 4 weeks, giving the boys time to get in synch with the different waves and the colder water temps. First bump in the trip the boys didn’t have their California boards done in time before we left and our board-shaper was going to ship them out in a few days, no big deal….right?

Well unfortunately the box of brand  new boards were completely crushed during shipping and so the boys had to work with what they had, though we did have to scramble to find a board that worked for Daniel. Thanks, Evan Geiselman for your help!

Our first contest was the Rip Curl Grom Search in Huntington Beach; I had planned it as a warm-up contest for the boys to be able to go out against the California and Hawaii kids…

It turned out not-so-good for us, Daniel and Matt were put out early, and morale was low.  This is so difficult as a mom, to see your children work hard and come up short.  We had a rough day, but we were refreshed with some unusual positive vibes from an onlooker.  I didn’t know it but the US Team coach was on the beach and watching Daniel free-surf later that day and liked what he saw.

ESM Eastern Surf Magazine, Issue 162The following week the US Championships started up and went well.  Our thoughts now turned to…was Daniel’s performance good enough to land him a spot on the US team? At the awards presentation Daniel was given the East Coast overall Champion award for under 18, we then waited for the naming of the new US Team….The next day was a Sunday and we found a Catholic church, a good place to calm the nerves and reflect ;-).  I got the call later in the day, I had tears of joys, Surfing America asked for my permission to place Daniel on the US Surf Team, I gave Daniel the news.

I’ve never seen such a happy smile on his face!

He made the United States Surf Team!  What an overwhelming opportunity.

This was one of the first instances where I could see all of the effort that we have as a family been putting in coming to fruition.  Everyone has made so many sacrifices and it is awesome seeing my sons chase their dreams and watching some of the pieces come together!

Daniel Glenn is in the back row, fourth from the left.